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Apartment balconies


As properties linger on the market, the significance of REO property upkeep grows. Black Dome collaborates closely with clients to deliver vital property preservation and inspection solutions, mitigating the risks associated with property ownership and shortening holding timelines.



BD's REO solutions entail lock changes and the installation of lockboxes, adhering to specific key/lockbox codes provided by the client. Additionally, we ensure all property openings, including doors, windows, and gates, are securely fastened according to client specifications.

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BD ensures pristine property appearance and compliance by conducting essential lawn upkeep services. This includes mowing, weeding, edging, and clearing paved areas to prevent violations of local ordinances. We dispose of all clippings and debris in accordance with jurisdictional regulations. Our automatic grass cut program maintains the property grounds as per client requirements until instructed otherwise.

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Black Dome removes interior, exterior and/or hazardous debris from the property as authorized by the client’s specifications.

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Cleaning the Pool


BD offers comprehensive pool services encompassing the initial setup and maintenance of pool systems, such as draining, acid washing, treatment, and refilling. Weekly maintenance ensures the pool remains visually appealing, enhancing property marketability. We prioritize safety by securing pools with locked gates or other measures to deter unauthorized access.

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Cleaning a Hallway


Black Dome offers janitorial solutions to elevate properties to market-ready status. This encompasses carpet vacuuming, non-carpeted floor mopping, bowl and basin scrubbing, as well as counter, cabinet, and appliance wiping. These janitorial services are available as part of initial maintenance or on a monthly basis.

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Winterization Snow Removal


This winterization property preservation service empowers Black Dome to safeguard the property's plumbing against freeze damage, aligning with the client's specifications for the property's location.

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Get in touch with Black Dome Services for any questions or inquiries about our offerings. Whether you're a current client or a prospect interested in our property management and preservation solutions, contact us today for prompt assistance.

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Phone: 979-487-1084

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Round Rock, TX

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