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Black Dome's property inspection services are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Our nationwide network of experienced inspectors conducts thorough and reliable inspections, providing clients with comprehensive reports and actionable insights.


From initial property assessments to regular occupancy checks and specialized inspections, we ensure that properties are compliant, well-maintained, and aligned with our clients' objectives. With Black Dome, clients can trust in the accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism of our inspection services, enabling them to make informed decisions and safeguard their investments effectively.

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Occupancy Inspection Icon

This inspection aims to verify property occupancy status, providing detailed information including contact details, rental status, and property condition. Additionally, any factors affecting property value will be thoroughly assessed and reported.

Appliance Service


Occupancy Inspection Icon

REO Check is a routine on-site evaluation of REO properties to assess their condition and marketability. Conducted weekly, biweekly, or monthly from acquisition to sale, it provides insights into interior and exterior conditions, identifying damages, violations, and hazards. It also evaluates property maintenance, including debris removal and lawn care, and assesses pre-marketing efforts like signage placement and property accessibility, ensuring properties are secure, well-maintained, and market-ready for potential buyers.

House Painting


Property Damage Inspections Icon

During this property inspection, Black Dome conducts a direct visual assessment to ascertain the property's condition and occupancy status. We meticulously identify any factors that may affect the property's value, providing inspections with options for both contact and no-contact approaches.

Movers Carrying Packages


Move Out Inspections Icon

BD provides insight into the property condition as tenants leave, outlining necessary steps before re-renting and handling deposit returns. Third-party assessments also aid in potential future claims review.

Financial Report


Reports Icon

These reports focus on the property's condition rather than its occupants. They assess exterior elements such as siding, windows, roof, and landscaping, ensuring compliance with neighborhood norms or HOA guidelines. Additionally, PCRs highlight external factors influencing investor or renter decisions, noting positives like waterfront locations or negatives such as proximity to railroads, commercial areas, or high-traffic zones.

Apartment for Rent


Acquisition Icon

Pre-purchase property inspections are conducted prior to property acquisition, providing crucial insights for informed financial decisions. Assessing both interior and exterior aspects, these inspections reveal property conditions and potential renovation needs, guiding investment decisions. If pre-purchase inspections are unavailable, post-purchase assessments identify immediate concerns and offer long-term value recommendations.

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Build to Rent Inspection Icon

For those engaged in constructing SFR properties rather than purchasing them, build-to-rent home assessments by a third-party inspector ensure rental readiness post-builder completion. Utilizing a QC checklist, inspectors identify remaining tasks for completion, crucial for investors not physically present at the build site. These inspections also facilitate draw inspections, releasing funds as builds progress and ensuring a seamless move-in experience for tenants.

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Property Damage Inspections Icon

Property damage inspections verify repair progress following incidents like fire, flooding, or structural damage. An insurance adjuster defines the scope of work, and inspectors track completion percentages at intervals to facilitate further funding for subsequent steps.

Air Conditioner


Home Health Check Inspections Icon

Black Dome's property wellness assessments allow SFR proprietors or managers to assess their property's condition—covering major appliances, plumbing, and HVAC—while it's still occupied. Despite potential tenant scheduling challenges, these inspections enable proactive detection and resolution of minor issues through preventive maintenance, preventing them from escalating into significant problems. Typically conducted on properties with long-term tenants or during large portfolio transfers, where assets are acquired without prior viewing.

Hurricane Damage


Disaster_FEMA Inspections Icon

Black Dome conducts thorough disaster inspections to evaluate property conditions and document any damages resulting from the event. These inspections are prioritized based on accessibility, ensuring timely assessment and reporting to mitigate further risks.

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Insurance Loss Draft Inspection Icon

This mortgage field inspection offers the inspector's assessment of the approximate completion percentage of repairs, considering the scope and cost of the repairs. Upon receiving the inspection order, we will promptly contact the homeowner to arrange an appointment at the property for inspection.

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Conveyance Condition Management Icon

This property inspection serves as an independent, third-party assessment conducted by banks or servicers to oversee their current vendors and agents. It aims to validate previously reported inspection findings and/or specific preservation tasks already executed. The inspection includes photo documentation to corroborate any disparities identified.

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Experience peace of mind with Black Dome's EPA-Approved services! Contact us today to ensure your property projects are handled with the highest safety standards and regulatory compliance.

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